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For a completely comprehensive Line marking contractor in New Zealand, look no further than A Class Line Marking. Our operatives can perform a wide range of Line marking services throughout New Zealand.

Organisations often have specialist designs applied to their car-park if they want to make certain areas stand out or apply graphics which indicate navigational instructions. These could include simply marking out lines between each parking space, arrows to show directions, safety instructions or symbols for things like designated disabled spaces. It’s important to have these things clearly marked out in public car parks to ensure drivers and pedestrians are aware and can keep safe when moving around the area. A range of colours are available for the parking lines as well as the anti-slip paint so you can create a design which suits what you need and is eye catching for users to follow.

We pride ourselves on providing an excellent quality service. Our dedicated team are highly skilled, enjoy what they do, and benefit from many years of experience in the industry. We use only the best and most innovative equipment to achieve a high standard of finish.

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